Hal Foster

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Lately I've been trying to catch up with all these reprint books coming out and have been alternating between Al Capp's Li'L Abner, Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, Modesty Blaise, and Hal Foster's Prince Valiant.

At the same time I'm working on books by such fine artists as Leonard Starr (Cannonball Carmody), Jose Luis Salinas (The Cisco Kid) and Frank Godwin (Rusty Riley Volume 2). Not a bad way to spend one's days. 

So I'm looking at a lot of comic art and have to say that hand's down, the true Masterpiece of the Newspaper Comic Strip has to go to Hal Foster's Prince Valiant! 

Panel from Prince Valiant September 18, 1955 
Scanned from Prince Valiant, Volume 10: 1955-1956, Fantagraphics Books 



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