One Year Affair

Here's a nice little surprise for all you Ralph Reese fans - Classic Comics Press is going to reprint the entire run of One Year Affair, written by Byron Preiss and drawn by Ralph Reese! Ralph and I are now working out the details but plans are to squeeze this project into our busy schedule and get the book out by the end of the year. But note: This special reprint of One Year Affair will only be available directly from Classic Comics Press. As long as we cover production costs all the proceeds of this book will go directly to Ralph. 

We'll be posting more info here and on our Facebook page in the months to come.


February 12, 2019 - Update! 

Well things just keep getting better! Ralph Reese just sent me scans of all the tear sheets he has and it looks like we'll be able to reprint the entire run of Two Year Affair! Here's a sample. More info on the book coming soon here and on the Classic Comics Press Facebook page.