Connie Sundays 1929 to 1932 - coming this Fall/Winter

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Regarding Connie Sundays Volume 1


Those of you who follow Classic Comics Press on Facebook are well aware of our current efforts to put together a 3-Volume run of Frank Godwin's masterful and nearly forgotten Connie. I've been very encouraged by the reception and since I've been posting updates our followers on the Classic Comics Press Fan Page has grown from a couple of thousound to over 6,000 followers!

This is a project that has become near and dear to my heart. Currently the restoration for all of Volume 1 is complete: this reprints Connie Sundays in full color from April 28, 1929 to December 25, 1932, the first 192 Connie Sundays restored to their original full color glory!

Work is now being done on the rest of the book and I hope to have it ready for publication by late Summer/Early Fall. I've been debating on the benefits of creating a Kickstarter Campaign but frankly do not have the desire or energy for all the extra work involved in running such a campaign and have decided to rely on our reputation and pre-sales. I'm also going to be posting occasional posts on this blog to keep all of you informed of our progress and publishing schedule.  As soon as we're well enough along on the completion of the book I'll be offering pre-sales which I imagine will be sometime near the end of Summer.
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